Hydrobus - Passengerboat for transport on rivers and lakes.

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In the company JEZERNIK Anže Logar s.p. we design and construct standard as well as traditional wooden boats. Our production programme thus embraces a wide range of all kinds of wooden boats, but our preferred task is to build custom-made wooden boats.

Beside providing a comprehensive range of repair services and advising on individual constructions we also produce other boat equipment and accessories, which are necessary for safe and enjoyable sailing. Products.


Based on our previous experience and obtained formal knowledge in the field of building wooden boats, we offer professional repair services for your wooden vehicle. Repair Service.

To reach the right decision when buying and renovating a wooden boat, one needs substantial arguments and this is why, in our company, we advise you what the best is for you when you decide to buy or renovate a wooden boat. Advising.


By buying wooden boats, we contribute to the preservation of our environment. Wooden products enable a consumer to influence world environmental issues such as global warming, because by using wooden boats a buyer evades the use of cheap, but environmentally and health-unfriendly materials.